Written by: Norman C Jones The projected budget of $1 million is due to the fact that the film has few locations, a limited amount of roles, and small visual effects. 

The majority of the budget will be spent on talent and locations, because this is a Western and requires spot-on acting performances.  

Much like most low budget Westerns  are not primarily star driven, although we shall try to attract top names. Rufus Buck Gang has been written specifically to support a low budget, which could create tremendous upside for fans of the Western genre. 

 Genre –Action Western Projected budget – 

Hypothetical Investment Return
· First payout goes to Investors until full investment is recouped.· 

 On the investment side, your individual investment reflects the percentage of the film you own. There can be no further dilution of investor’s percentage. Once your percentage is assigned, it cannot decrease.

 Budget = $1,000,000 

Sales of the Film = $3.5 million 

First Investor  payout (100%)




A- 60% Film Equity 

B- $300k Film Tax Credit

C- Producer Credit

$300k Investment 

A- 30% Equity Share

B- Producer salary

$150k Investment

A- 22% ROI or 15% Equity Share

C- Associate Producer Credit

$35k Pre- Production Investment

A- 18% ROI

B- Associate  Producer Credit