RUFUS BUCK GANG   While congress was debating on making Oklahoma Territory a State,  Oklahoma territory settlers were being terrorized by a band of four Black Creek  Indians and one full Black.  

The gang led by RUFUS BUCK, killed, rape and robbed more people than Billy The Kid and the James Gang combined. 

Their exploits kept the Klan out of  Oklahoma until 1917, even though they were hanged in 1886. Opposition to Oklahoma statehood (Indian Affairs) sent Capt. EDMUND HARRY to track down and lynch the Gang to expose the lawlessness of the territory.  

Territorial governor and infamous, ”Hanging Judge Parker”, recruited Okmulgee SHERIFF STANTON to bring the gang to trial, alive.  A reckless pursuit by Capt. Harry ends in a deadly ambush that leaves 11 of his 12 Lighthorseman (Apache soldiers) dead. Combine forces of Capt. Harry and Sheriff Stanton captures the gang 13 days later. 

 After an all day shootout the gang out of bullets, wounded and exhausted one by one they are captured.  Their rein of rape and murder that sent terror into the white settlers of the Five Indian Nations has ended one of the old west meanest and dirtiest band of outlaws ever.  The quickest verdict in history was held in Hanging JUDGE PARKER court room that day. 22 seconds to return a guilty verdict.     

True to his word the Judge hanged the boys 3 months later, in the pouring rain. Ending a dark hidden page of the old west, Americas only Black Indian Gang,"